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Maintenance (Lube, Oil, Filter) - We perform a professional and clean oil change by replacing the engine oil and filter with oil and filters recommended by your vehicle's manufacture. For those vehicles that need it, we also grease the chassis, suspension and related fittings. If you own a good functioning vehicle, keep it that way by doing this basic service at the proper mileage or time intervals. Oil changes for newer vehicles should be done every 5,000 to 7,500 miles (it varies according to the specific manufacture). For older vehicles, an oil change every 3000 miles is best. Proper maintainence does go a long way in preventing expensive repair bills.

Tune Ups - A tune up is aimed at improving gas milage and vehicle performance. It includes replacing spark plugs, coil packs, and plug wires, along with a throttle body cleaning. We reccomend getting a tune up according to manufacture recommendations or whenever you, the customer, feels it is necessary. Modern vehicles 1998 and newer can go 100 thousand miles between tune-ups under normal driving conditions. Older vehicles typically can go about 30 thousand miles between tune-ups.

Brakes - We offer replacement and repair for all disc and drum brake problems. Brake problems are rather obvious when they do occur. They are usually marked by squealing when pressing the Brake pedal, or by having a very soft instead of a firm brake pedal. They can also be marked by a shake or vibration in the steering wheel when trying to stop. If you ever experience any of these problems, we have you covered with the following services: Pad and Shoe replacement, Brake bleeding, Rotor and Drum turning for all car and pickup brakes. We sell brake pads and shoes from the best quality to the most cost effective for your make and model of car or truck.

Batteries - Diagnosis of battery, starter, and charging systems. We test these components of your vehicle's starting & electrical system to make sure they're not liable to leave you stranded on the road. If necessary, we offer Replacement Batteries, Starters, and Altenators from the highest quality to the most cost effective.

Timing belt - Timing belt service using OEM (Original Equipment) parts designed for your car; however, discount parts for this service are available upon request. Timing belts should be replaced at the recommended manufacture service dates/intervals--if you exceed these intervals timing belt failure can occur resulting in internal engine damage (a very costly damage that could range from hundreds to well over a thousand dollars)

Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) -Auto AC and Heater service and repair. No one likes riding in an uncomfortable car, or driving when the windshield is fogged up. Our AC & Heater service inspects and replaces, only when necessary, the part that is causing your AC or Heater to fail. An AC should never leak or run out of Freon, for they are sealed systems, and Auto Heaters are very simple machines which usually have only 1 or 2 broken parts or clogged that are causing them to malfunction. When there is an AC problem, we don't simply add Freon and send you on your way with a cold AC that only lasts a few weeks or days. When there is a problem we diagnose, find the leak, faulty components and electronics, and we repair them. Then and only then do we add Freon; thereby, ensuring that your car's AC will continue to work when you need it to. The same method applies to repairing you vehicle's heater, though without freon.

Engine Diagnostics & Check Engine Light - Full Engine diagnostics using up-to-date scanning tools and computer equipment. Today's Car's & Trucks have numerous computers on board that help regulate the operation of the vehicle to make it run smoothly and consistently without problems. However, these computers are not fail-proof, and occasionally will malfunction or provide faulty information upon a computer scan. Our equipment and mechanics are able to scan your vehicle and correctly interpret and diagnose the problem. We pride ourselves in understanding the old-school fundamentals of automobiles as well as the new-aged computer equipment that they now come with.

Advanced Electrical Diagnostics & Repair - Some automotive electrical problems are as simple as replacing a fuse or a light bulb (which you could probably do at home). Other problems, however, can be a little more difficult to find such as a vehicle that sounds great when you're trying to start it, but nevertheless fails to start. Problems such as these can be the result of one bad wire or connection located within the thousands of feet of wire inside your vehicle. When this problem comes up, we have you covered from bumper to bumper with our Electrical Diagnostics and Repair.

Engine Performance & Repair - Engine rebuilding. Engine diagnosis (internal, mechanical & electrical). Engine replacements available. The old-school fundamentals of a car or Truck, pistons, rods, rings and the horsepower that makes your vehicle useful for your daily needs. We've rebuilt plenty of Foreign & Domestic Engines over the years, restoring them to full-working order.

Transmissions - Repair and rebuilding. Transmission replacement available. Transmission and clutch problems are usually marked by a very high RPM (really pressing down the gas pedal) and very little or no movement. They can also be marked by a vehicle that refuses to go into gear or one pops out of gear upon take off. Full service to prevent these problems is available, and, when necessary, we offer repair and replacement for automatic and manual transmissions.

Transfer Cases - Transfer case--full service and repair. Complete diagnosis available. Electronic and manual transfer case service available. Drive line service also available.

Steering - Steering service and diagnosis. Steering boxes, rack and pinion, inner and outer tie rod service and replacement.

Tire Repair & Sales - Flat repairs. New & used tire sales. Mounting and high speed balancing. Trailer tires available.

Suspension - Full suspension diagnosis and repair. Wheel bearing and hub replacement. Ball joint, control arm, sway bar, bushing, shock & strut replacement--front & rear. Suspension problems are not as common as the other problems mentioned above, however at times, like brakes they can be critically important. It is wise to have your vehicle's suspension inspected if you ever feel any of the following: an excessive bouncing after hitting a bump, wobbling or weaving while driving, or a dull humming sound that increases with speed. We can correctly repair these things and help you stay safe on the road.
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